Horse Accident Injury Claims
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Horse Accident Injury Claims

Although the number of injuries to horse riders from accidents with cars has reduced substantially over the years, the increasing popularity of horse riding as a pastime and the ever greater volume of traffic on our roads means that there is still significant risk involved.

Horse riding is in itself a potentially hazardous activity, particularly so on the road where the reaction of a an animal frightened by a vehicle travelling too fast or too close is unpredictable and may expose the rider to the possibility of accidental injury. It is estimated that there are approximately eight accidents every day involving cars and horses resulting in injury and occasionally fatalities.

Of course, horse riders suffer injuries not involving cars and in many cases the accident may be fortuitous and arise simply out of the nature of the activity. However there may be occasions where the negligence of a third party has caused or contributed to the accident - eg. a riding school or riding instructor.

If you have been injured in a horse accident in the last three years which was caused by a motorist or other third party, you are likely to be entitled to compensation for your injuries and for other losses or expenses eg. medical expenses, vet's fees.

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