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Swimming Pool Accident

Drowning is one of the most serious dangers while playing or diving into a swimming pool. You are entitled to Swimming Pool Accident compensation if you have incurred severe injuries due to negligent maintenance of the pool. Injury by slips and falls are also common injuries in a swimming pool accident. The swimmers can incur spinal injuries or paralysis by diving into shallow water. Swimming pool accidents happen due to a number of reasons like faulty swimming pool products, carelessness of the private or government authority owning the swimming pool and poor maintenance.

If the swimming pool accident has happened due to faulty swimming pool product then the victim can sue the negligent owner for neglecting product liability. Faulty swimming pool products include drain cover which can catch the foot of swimmer thereby making the swimmer to drown in the pool. A pool cover having sharp edges is another faulty swimming pool product that can cause scratches and abrasion. A swimming pool sump pump can cause electrocution thereby harming the nearby swimmers. Swimming pool accident can also happen due to faulty design in which the shallow and deep water areas are not marked clearly so as to warn the swimmers on where to dive and where to not.

Swimmers can also get swimming pool injuries by faulty products such as water slides. If the water slides have attachments where the swimmers can get entangled or the slide includes weak areas that can collapse thereby leading to falls, then the swimmers can definitely incur severe and sometimes deadly injuries. Faulty floatation devices for kids can also lead to drowning of the children playing in water. If you have also incurred swimming pool injuries due to fault of the pool operator or the pool owner then you can seek services of a personal injury solicitor. A personal injury solicitor will tell you the claim worth after assessing the severity of injuries and the amount of negligence of the pool owner or operator.

Pool owners must carry out frequent risk assessment if the pool is open for general public. By not doing so, the pool owners can be sued for neglecting duty of care. It is paramount for the pool owners to keep safety equipments like shepherd’s hook, ring buoy, warning boards, first aid kit and spinal board for handling emergency situations. You must consult a wrongful death attorney for getting compensation of death of a loved one by drowning. You can get online services by filling up an online form available in different compensation websites. The online solicitors will handle your swimming pool accident case on a start to finish basis.

Trip on highway
Mrs J tripped on a pothole whilst crossing a service road running parallel to a main road, fracturing her shoulder, wrist and ankle. The Council initially denied full liability for her accident alleging Mrs J was partly to blame for not avoiding the pothole. Cooks arranged a Conference with a barrister and on his advice rejected this. After intense negotiations Mrs J was awarded £17,000.00 she said:
"I had help from the start regarding my claim and found the advice very reassuring. I have never had to make a claim before so was apprehensive but you did a lot to alleviate my worries. Thanks again for all your help and support."
Mrs J from London