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Injured Abroad

If you have been injured abroad while you were enjoying a great holiday with your family and friends and you were not at fault, then you are eligible to make a compensation claim against the accused party. There can be nothing worse than being injured abroad as the peaceful break you have been enjoying gets destroyed and you are full of agony and pain. Most commonly, it is while swimming, diving, sports and on roads that you get injured while on a holiday. But if it is someone else’s fault, you can seek claim right away.

As the laws and regulations of every country are different, it is advisable that you avail the assistance of a personal injury lawyer who has handled such cases in the past to help you out. The personal injury lawyer will guide you how to move strategically, collect evidences and convince the witnesses in order to win the suit and earn the maximum amount of compensation possible. More so, as the lawyers these days work on the principal of “no win no fees”, there is nothing you have to lose at all. It is so because the lawyer will ask for their fee, that is quite nominal only if you win the case, otherwise he charges you nothing at all.

The very first thing you need to do in order to be able to claim for the rightly deserved compensation amount is to file a report. You may report to the local police officials, respective holiday representatives or the hotel authorities where you are staying during the holiday. Reporting with the hotel becomes all the more crucial if the accident has occurred in the hotel premises. Reputing to as many officials possible is always beneficial as later your solicitor can hold them up for testifying for you in proving the case in your favour.

If possible try to get the names and the contact numbers of the witnesses of the accident who can serve as witnesses in the court against the accused party. Taking the photographs of the accident site also aids a lot as the court can then analyse how much compensation should be calculated for you. You must know that the compensation you file for reimburses your travel expenses, loss of wages, pension as well as medical expenses if you are injured abroad. So, keep all the receipts of the treatments you undergo to prove your case as valid and worthy of being compensated.

Cyclist knocked over by car
Mr G was knocked off his bicycle by a car pulling out of a side road, fracturing his left leg. The defendant insurers blamed him for the accident alleging he had ridden on the pavement and not given way to their car. Cooks obtained photographs and sketch plans of the accident site and agreed with Mr G to issue his claim. As soon as the documents were lodged with the Court, the defendant insurers accepted liability and settled the claim in the sum of £5,420.58. He said:
"Excellent service – I cannot thank you enough for all the help and advice that I received from my Solicitor. No regrets choosing Cooks Legal 100%."
Mr G from Middlesex