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Hotel Accidents

Hotel Accidents have become very rampant nowadays due to a fault on the part of the hotel owners which fail to maintain adequate standards in terms of hygiene. A traveller should always be very careful while lodging in a hotel and try to see that the hotel follows standardised procedures. Norwalk-like viruses, salmonella and E-coli are very potent viruses that can poison your food and also lead to death if the poisoning is not treated on time. A traveller can be faced with lots of problems when he falls ill unexpectedly after consuming unsafe food.  The initial symptoms of food poisoning are nausea and an unbearable pain in the abdomen. Another kind of a hotel accident which can be fatal is the occurrence of Legionnaire’s disease. It is a very common disease which can occur when a tourist is travelling to a hotel with lesser air conditioning and he inhales air which contains the legion Ella bacteria. This bacterium is present in the water droplets in air and can proliferate in hotels where there is no maintenance of the air conditioners. These hotels do not change water in their cooling units and the standing water acts as a breeding ground for this bacteria. It is a kind of a very acute pneumonia where the patients suffer from symptoms like headache, fever and a pain in the muscles. Holiday accidents can be very unfortunate incidents and can occur when a person is on a foreign trip and does not know how to cope up with unexpected accidents. There are many kinds of holiday accidents like:

1. Road accidents abroad: Many tourists are affected by these accidents and the worst affected are the British tourists. Road accidents can occur while travelling in cars, taxis and motorcycles and coaches.
2. Skiing and snowboarding accident: A tourist can sustain immense injuries if he suffers from a skiing accident and these accidents can also be fatal.
3. Mountaineering accidents: There can be slips in mountaineering accidents. Tragedies can also occur if a person is not equipped with proper mountaineering equipment like tools, ropes and shoes and also proper breathing equipment and undertakes a mountaineering trail without any proper guide.
4. Sailing accidents: These accidents can occur if a person travels on a boat or a ferry and it capsizes or drowns in the water. 
5. Water sport accidents: Accidents can occur while a tourist goes for scuba diving. He should try to get proper training for such activities and should always go for scuba diving in registered waters with licensed organisers and trainers.
6. Bungee jumping: A tourist can fall from great heights while indulging in bungee jumping. He should take care of the fact that he always participates in such a sport with a registered bungee jumper.

Public Liability
Pedestrian Fall from Bicycle
Miss H was knocked off her bicycle when her front tyre struck a loose paving stone jutting into the road. She sustained a head injury causing severe short term memory loss and mood swings. After 2 years her original Solicitors withdrew from the case as they believed her claim had less than a 50% chance of succeeding. Miss H contacted Cooks who agreed to represent her on a No win No fee basis.

Within 18 months the matter was resolved and Miss H received a settlement cheque of £300,000.00. She told us
"Thank you Cooks for believing in me and my claim. My Solicitor was always available to me and happy to explain each step of the process. The only surprise was how much you managed to obtain for me without the need to go to trial. I will tell all my friends about your great service."
Miss H from London