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Holiday Accidents in the UK

Holidays are often pleasurable, but uncertainty of life cannot be questioned, so at times, these holidays turn out to be a bitter experience due to some accident or mishap. There are several kinds of injuries that are sustained by people while on a holiday. When the holiday accidents or illnesses are someone else’s fault, you can simply file a compensation for the loss, discomfort and suffering that you have endured on the trip de to their negligence. The most common accidents or illnesses on holidays can be due to:

  • Met with an accident
  • Food poisoning due to food provided at the hotel
  • Person injury (like slipping because of improper flooring at the hotel) that was someone else’s fault.
  • Illness suffered because of food or other poor facilities at the airline, cruise ship or the hotel.
  • Ruined holiday because of substandard environment and poor standards of hygiene.
  • Accidents in water activities such as swimming.

Though every country has their own laws, but you can still claim for a compensation for the illness or injuries that you have sustained at the trip outside UK or holiday accidents in the UK. This is in case you have taken a holiday package from the UK Company that must include features of both transportation and accommodation. This is because tour operators have to adhere to package tour, package holidays and package travel regulations 1992 that holds their duty to ensure the safety of their customers by providing them good and healthy food and environment in every possible way.

To justly deal with these holiday accidents in the UK, you can seek the help of an expert lawyer who is well-versed in such holiday accidents compensation laws. These lawyers are accessible at the Internet at no win, no fee basis and act as your representative in proving the opponent to be the guilty party with the help of substantial evidence. They make sure that you get the right amount of compensation according to the degree of our discomfort and suffering.

Also, in case you have been involved in any such holiday accident, make efforts to collect some evidences such as witness or photographs of the place of the accident, as it might strengthen your stand against the opponent and also it might be difficult to go to a distant place merely to collect evidence. So, do not be oblivious of your rights and claim your compensation if you are actually entitled for it.

Pedestrian run over by car
Mrs K was knocked over by a car that mounted the pavement, fracturing her tibia. Following extensive medical investigations organised by Cooks, it transpired that the accident brought forward the need for a knee replacement operation in the next 5-10 years. Cooks settled Mrs K’s claim for £28,750.00 she said:
"I am very pleased with the service I have received and would recommend Cookss to my friends. My claim was handled in a very professional manner and I was kept informed of it’s progress. Everyone I met or spoke to was helpful and considerate and I felt confident in their abilities. This was important to me at the time of my accident and later."
Mrs K from Streetly