Fracture Injury Claim
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Fracture Injury Claim

Fracture injuries are common and can result from accidents at home, at work, during sporting activities, on holiday etc The types of accidents causing fractures are varied - slips and trips, falls from height, road accidents, falling objects, accidents involving machinery and plant, trapping accidents etc.

In many cases the fracture will result from an accident caused by the negligence of another party eg. a motorist or an employer. In these circumstances the injured person may be legally entitled to compensation, for pain and suffering and financial losses/expenses resulting from the injury.

fracturesThere are a of different types of fractures with varying degrees of severity. They range from a simple hair line fracture through to more serious breaks such as a comminuted fracture involving several fractures in the same bone.

When the fracture occcurs there will usually be pain, swelling possible bruising and, in the case of a compound fracture, breaking of the skin by the bone. During recovery there will be discomfort and inconvenience and perhaps an inability to work with possible loss of or reduction in earnings which would form part of any compensation claim.

An important aspect of fracture claims is the extent of recovery. In many cases there will be a full recovery but some fractures do leave residual permanent damage - sometimes serious in the case of a bad fracture. Depending upon the nature and extent of such permanent damage the injured person may suffer a reduction in enjoyment of life and his ability to work may be affected. These issues need to be taken into account in the compensation claim.

If you have suffered a fracture injury in the last three years through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation. If you would like a free legal assessment of your case, please complete the Application Form. We will handle your claim on a No Win No Fee basis at no cost to you.

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