Fork Lift Truck Accidents
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Fork Lift Truck Accidents

Fork lift trucks are potentially dangerous items of equipment if not used correctly and are the cause of several thousand industrial accidents each year. Many of the accidents are serious including on average ten fatalities each year.

Common types of accident are loads being dropped or pushed on to employees, collisions with static items knocking them on to other persons, employees being hit by trucks, overturning trucks, trapping injuries. The most common cause of fatalities in workplace transport is persons being stuck by mobile plant or vehicles.

Causes of fork lift truck accidents include :

  1. Operator error
  2. Inadequate training/supervion of drivers and other staff working in areas where fork lifts are used
  3. Unsuitable premises
  4. Poor layout and marking of premises
  5. Inadequate maintenance of fork lift trucks

Employers are required by law to protect their workers from injury by providing a safe working environment and where a failure in this duty results in personal injury the injured person may have a right to financial compensation for pain and suffering and other associated losses.

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