Food Poisoning Claims
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Food Poisoning Claims

Millions of people each year suffer relatively mild and short- lived stomach upsets causing perhaps vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach pains etc. These normally clear up after a day or two and the symtoms can usually be alleviated by proprietary medicines available from the pharmacy.

However, many thousands more actually suffer from serious and prolonged food poisoning. The effects can be particularly serious in the case of the very young, the very old, pregnant women and those already ill. In extreme cases, food poisoning can be fatal.

Salmonella is probably the most widely known bacteria to cause food poisoning, but there others such as E coli, and listeria. There will usually be nothing to indicate the presence of a bacteria in food at the time of eating. Symptoms take hours or days to appear.

Food poisoning may be caused by problems in cooking in the home but also by bacteria present in food when purchased or may be contracted in restaurants or fom takeaway food etc.

Where the disease is the fault of the retailer or supplier a claim for compensation wiil almost certainly lie against them. Of course liability will have to be proved. Where there has been a large outbreak affecting many people, liability wiil usually be fairly easy to establish but in an individual case it may be more difficult. Whatever the situation however, the services of a personal injury solicitor will be needed to pursue the claim.

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