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What Is Wrongful Death?

As defined by the law, wrongful death is a fatality, which resulted from third party’s negligence, inaction or illicit act. Every year hundreds and thousands of wrongful deaths are filed across the UK. The legal remedy for wrongful death depends upon the manner of the death of the victim in addition to the defendant’s actions.

So, What Is Wrongful Death?  The main type of recoverable damages that are included in a wrongful death compensation claim includes:

  • Immediate fiscal loss related to the death including the funeral and medical expenses. All the overheads must be paid back, such as hospital bills and ambulance bills.
  • Loss of anticipated earnings of the victim until the time of his natural death or retirement. The victim’s family is entitled to a certain sum of money so as to compensate for the loss of capacity of earning income in future.
  • Suffering and pain or any kind of mental anguish. The compensation claim might be entitled for the suffering and pain happened due to the death of the victim.
  • Loss of protection, companionship and care. Both the children and spouse of the victim holds the right for loss of care and protection.

Losses experienced by the children, spouse of decedent, including:

  • Loss of monetary support
  • Loss of service
  • Loss of guidance and parental training
  • Loss of companionship and society

A Few of the general causes of wrongful death include car accidents, pedestrian accidents, construction accidents, motorcycle accidents, defective products, recreational accidents, train accidents and negligence.

If you have gone through wrongful death of your relative or a friend, your legal representative will have to show the four essential elements of wrongful death compensation claim to get the entitled amount, including:

  • The demise of a person
  • The reason of death is the negligence of another party or entity
  • That there are family members that are financially suffering because of the sudden demise
  • To represent the decedent’s estate, there is a personal representative appointed for claiming compensation

It is extremely essential to select a law firm or legal representative, solicitor who holds experience in the same field. Today a vast majority of the wrongful death compensation claim lawyers take the cases on basis of “no win no fee”. That means that you will be not charged even single money unless you get the compensation. Once you win the case, the lawyer will charge their fees from the remunerated amount.

Public Liability
Accident in Supermarket
Mrs H was shopping for a small fold out table in a Supermarket. She reached to take one when the stack collapsed falling onto her right foot. X-rays to her foot showed no fracture but she was still forced to use crutches for a few weeks afterwards.

Within 6 months of being instructed Cooks had obtained a settlement offer of £2,000.00 which Mrs H was delighted to accept. She said
"My Granddaughter found your website and recommended you to me. Thank you for all your efforts for my accident claim, I appreciate your kindness. I received my cheque today and will be taking my grandchildren away on holiday with the money you recovered for me"
Mrs H from Devon