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Fatal Injuries

Fatal injuries cause great stress to the family members, partners and close friends of victims. In these situations a claim for compensation may be brought with the help of personal injury Solicitors. Compensation can also be claimed for the financial losses caused for the income earning capabilities of the deceased especially if the victim was the sole earner. Substantial compensation can often be claimed in such cases depending on the special circumstances and if the fatal injury had occurred due to the negligence of another party.

Losing a loved one is a major life altering change and often it is not possible for family members to cope either emotionally or financially with the loss. At such times the issue of making a claim for fatal injuries compensation is the last thing on the mind of the surviving family members. However in the long term following fatal injuries it is of paramount importance that the remaining family members are provided for in the future.

Whether the fatal injuries occurred as a result of a road accident or a work accident or some other tragic accident caused by the negligence of a third party Cooks Legal will pursue a claim for compensation for fatal injuries which might include; bereavement damages for the surviving spouse, children, parents of minors and others who were dependent financially on the deceased, funeral expenses (including headstone), dependency claim for lost income and services.

Cooks Legal are specialised personal injury solicitors who will work on a No Win No fee basis and 100% compensation awarded is passed on to the client.

Work Accident Claim
Mr W was working as an electrician in a poorly lit cellar when he fell onto breeze blocks left by the contractor. He suffered a knee injury that prevented him from pursuing his dream of setting up a business on his own. Mr W was awarded £57,000.00
"I would give the money back today not to have had this accident, but I felt in safe hands with my Solicitor."
Mrs W of Portsmouth