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Fatal Accident Court Case

Tragically, accidents can often result in death of the victims. If the accident is caused by a third party, a Fatal Accident Court Case can be necessary. If the deceased was the only earning member of your family, he/she can pursue a compensation claim to help with the financial strains they will suffer. Experienced personal injury Solicitors such as Cooks Legal can be instructed to pursue such a compensation claim for the deceased. Guidance and advice for the correct compensation claim is provided by Cooks Legal. All the legal complications connected with your case can be handled by us.

Claiming compensation is certainly not the first thing that occurs to you when you lose a family member, but the compensation should be lodged in time for avoiding any kind of hassles. Cooks Legal are efficient and can represent you in court if necessary. For getting compensation for the injuries, you need to show how the deceased was injured and how the third party was responsible for the accident. These cases are not easy to handle on their own; specialist knowledge and experience is needed to handle such compensation claims. Cooks Legal help to show the fault of the third party in causing the accident.

You need to prove that the injury caused was the reason for the death of the victim. The injury may be a result of an accident in the office, factory, shop or road but should be backed with evidence. Whatever may be the reason, if death of your relative is the result of someone else’s fault, you canproceed to the Fatal Accident Court Case. The compensation can depend on several factors.

First the costs related to the actual loss suffered by the victim are compensated and then any administrative costs which may include administrative costs related to the funeral. If the death was not immediate, the family may have also suffered loss of earnings. The compensation for the travelling and nursing care costs is also included in the compensation for the deceased. Medical receipts need to be submitted in order to claim for the nursing care of the deceased. Compensation for the loss of services can also be received by the deceased’s family. Further dependency losses are also covered in the compensation with the help of Cooks Legal.


Work Accident Claim
Mr W was working as an electrician in a poorly lit cellar when he fell onto breeze blocks left by the contractor. He suffered a knee injury that prevented him from pursuing his dream of setting up a business on his own. Mr W was awarded £57,000.00
"I would give the money back today not to have had this accident, but I felt in safe hands with my Solicitor."
Mrs W of Portsmouth