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Compensation for Fatal Accidents

There are a number of factors which leads to fatal accidents. Mishaps in public areas, accidents at the work place, accidents because of road traffic and medical negligence are a few of the situations which result in fatal accidents. In these instances you can make a claim for Compensation for Fatal Accidents.

The fatal accident cases are split in two parts. The first section of the fatal accident claim deals with the pain and suffering endured by the victim and the loss of wages that might have occurred. This crucial aspect of the fatal accident compensation claim covers the monetary losses that took place from the date when injury happened to the date of death. The compensation for fatal accidents cannot include a claim where instant death happens and no survival occurs in between or also when the deceased person does not regain consciousness after the accident.

Another important aspect of Compensation for Fatal Accidents</u>">compensation for fatal accidents is in regard to the total number of dependents connected to the deceased person. The fatal accident compensation claim is pursued by those dependents. The dependents may include children, spouse, grandchildren, partner or parents who lived along with the deceased person for at least two years.

The compensation for fatal accidents is considered as your civil right as well as legal right where blame for the accident may be attributed to another party.  Therefore, the assistance of Cooks Legal is recommended in cases of fatal accidents. We can cater to the requirements of the victim's surviving family along with the dependents’ requirements in the finest detail required to make a compensation claim against the responsible party.

Injury claims differ in complexity, but it is advisable to use Cooks Legal for making sure that the compensation claim is adequately represented at court.


Trip on highway
Mrs J tripped on a pothole whilst crossing a service road running parallel to a main road, fracturing her shoulder, wrist and ankle. The Council initially denied full liability for her accident alleging Mrs J was partly to blame for not avoiding the pothole. Cooks arranged a Conference with a barrister and on his advice rejected this. After intense negotiations Mrs J was awarded £17,000.00 she said:
"I had help from the start regarding my claim and found the advice very reassuring. I have never had to make a claim before so was apprehensive but you did a lot to alleviate my worries. Thanks again for all your help and support."
Mrs J from London