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Causes of Fatal Accidents

Accidents are undesirable and unexpected events, nevertheless, a majority of accidents are avoidable. There are four prime reasons that can cause fatal accidents, they are:


·                                 FAILURE OF THE EQUIPMENT: By law the manufacturers of vehicles are required to engineer and design vehicles, which meet a certain safety standard. The majority of cited equipment failure includes loss of the brakes, tread separation, tyre blowouts and suspension / steering failure. The disc brakes found at the façade of the wheels, virtually in every vehicle are considerably more effectual as compared to the old-drum breaking system. Improperly balanced wheels or tyres, broken or misaligned suspensions are some of the major causes of fatal accidents.

·                                 POOR MAINTENANCE OF ROADS AND SIGNALS: Motorists might blame the roadway designs for fatal accidents, but it is rarely the cause. Local governments, law enforcement or civil engineers all contribute in the design of the safe road layouts and traffic signal management systems. Hazard visibility, roadway surfaces, traffic control devices, behavioural control devices, flow of the traffic, roadway identification signs and weather could be some of the factors which may cause accidents.

·                                 BEHAVIOR OF THE DRIVER: Individuals tend to blame something or somebody when an accident or mistake occurs. Few of the mistakes occur when the driver of the vehicle gets distracted due to mobile phone calls. In addition, the speed of the vehicle also creates greater risks of fatal accidents. Aggressive tailgating, rude or antagonistic gestures, verbal abuse, deliberate obstruction are some human behaviours, which cause fatal accidents.

Some other human behaviours that are the causes of fatal accidents include:

·                                 Unsafe or frequent lane change

·                                 Excessive speed

·                                 Failure to follow the right way

·                                 Tailgating

·                                 Disrespecting the traffic controls

·                                 Impaired driving

ROADWAY DESIGN: Roadway design greatly contributes to several fatal accidents.
Below are some of the poor road designs that generally become the Causes of Fatal Accidents</u>">causes of fatal accidents, they are:

·                                 Debris on the road

·                                 Faded or least visible road signs

·                                 Potholes

·                                 Roadway construction, as some rash drivers do not slow down when reaching a construction zone

Proper care should be taken while travelling on the road so as to avoid fatal accidents.


Workplace Accident
Mrs P tripped on an extension lead wire which had been left to run across the floor of her workplace. She had previously complained about the lead however it was not rectified until after her accident. Liability was admitted early in the claim and Mrs P was awarded £1600.00 following consultation with a medico-legal expert.
"I was very sceptical to approach a "no win no fee" firm, but I was happy to have them help me. They were professional, concise and were successful with my claim. I would be very happy to use them and to recommend them."
Mrs P, London