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Accidental Death

The accidental death of a person can occur due to carelessness, medical negligence or other action of a negligent party. It may take place in a number of circumstances including severe falls, slips, medical negligence, road accidents, faulty consumer goods, inefficient training and equipments at the work place. In all these cases, the victim may fall prey to severe injuries leading to subsequent death. As the death is not natural but takes place because of the fault of some third party, it is all the more painful and devastating for the family members of the victim.

When an accidental death occurs, the deceased may leave behind many dependants for which he/she had responsibilities. There are many issues like finance, child care and family upbringing that are left unattended when an earning member of the household passes away suddenly in an accident. As this is actually a wrongful death where fault is attributed to another party, it is important that the dependents of the victim are amply covered for their losses. The losses include financial losses which are to be reimbursed by the negligent party so that the dependents of the victim can carry on their life processes with ease.

The Fatal Accidents Act 1976 is the law by which family members obtain recompense for the losses suffered by them following the actions of the guilty party which led to death of the victim. This is the Accidental Death</u>">accidental death claim that entitles the dependents to lodge a compensation claim case against the guilty party and receive the monetary help they deserve. It is crucial though that the claim is made within the time span of three years following the date of death otherwise the court does not consider the claim as valid. The chances of winning can be considerably reduced with delay in lodging the compensation claim. If timely action is taken, it is very easy to locate the evidence and find the witnesses that can help in proving the case in the favour of the dependents of the deceased.

The assistance of an accidental death compensation Solicitor can be beneficial in earning the compensation amount as there are various complex legal aspects to such cases. They know the legal strategies to help the dependents get the maximum compensation amount possible. This money covers for the amount that the deceased might have earned in his/her lifetime until retirement along with pension loss and child care. Cooks Legal have extensive knowledge in fatal accident cases and work on a no win no fee basis, providing the dependants with 100% of any compensation awarded.  


Cyclist knocked over by car
Mr G was knocked off his bicycle by a car pulling out of a side road, fracturing his left leg. The defendant insurers blamed him for the accident alleging he had ridden on the pavement and not given way to their car. Cooks obtained photographs and sketch plans of the accident site and agreed with Mr G to issue his claim. As soon as the documents were lodged with the Court, the defendant insurers accepted liability and settled the claim in the sum of £5,420.58. He said:
"Excellent service – I cannot thank you enough for all the help and advice that I received from my Solicitor. No regrets choosing Cooks Legal 100%."
Mr G from Middlesex