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Divorce and Family Matters


We offer legal help with problems about divorce, financial issues arising from divorce, problems with ex-partner or contact with children.

We know many people are anxious about legal fees.

So we will:-

  1. Where possible tell our clients in advance what the charges are going to be.
  2. Offer first free interview.
  3. Tell you how much you will save in legal costs.

If you need a solicitor we would be only too pleased to help you with your problems regarding divorce and similar matters. We can help you with the process in a sensitive and non-technical manner. We will try and tell you how much we will charge and we will do our best to keep our bill as small as possible. We offer a 30 minute FREE interview for some initial advice.

Our fees are:-


Petitioner – uncontested divorce £335 + VAT of £67
Respondent – uncontested divorce £150 + VAT of £30
Separation Agreement (where terms agreed before Instructed) £400 + VAT of £80
Clean Break Order (if everything agreed before Instructed) £450 + VAT of £90


Issuing Divorce Petition £550
Clean Break Consent Order £50
Average fees for a first mediation appointment £150

We can tell you how much we are going to charge you for matters where everything is agreed. Sometimes our clients do not need to pay us any money and can do the divorce themselves. If there is no property, finances, pension or children to be sorted out and you are good at form filling you may be able to do the divorce yourself. However, if there are problems with any of the above or possible problems in the future it is unwise not to use a solicitor. We cannot tell you how much we would charge for this without knowing details of what is in dispute and how much argument there is going to be.

We believe in telling clients as much as we can. Our hourly charging rate is £120 to £190 per hour, depending on the complexity and value of instructions. We will send monthly statements of account showing how much you have spent on your legal fees each month so you can keep the cost under control. We can do so much in reducing the bill but the more you and your ex-partner argue the bigger the bill whilst the more you agree the smaller the bill.

During our first free interview or telephone call we can tell you what the likely costs are going to be but like marriage things change and so the same with divorce. Sometimes everything that was agreed becomes disputed and vice versa. This affects how much the bill is going to be. We will accept payment by bank card. We can advise you whether you are best proceeding with the divorce or perhaps going to mediation.

We would very much like to tell you how much we charge for contested matters but we cannot. Contested matters are where you and your ex-spouse or partner cannot agree. Solicitors charge for the time spent on a case. Clients come to us with many different sorts of problems. Some clients will own two or three houses, have two or three children plus three or four pensions; they will usually take far more time to deal with. Some clients will come to us with only one house, no children and they will usually take far less time to deal with and thus our charges will be less. Some clients will have cases where matters are quickly resolved so the bill is smaller and in other cases unfortunately clients will have ones where they are fought to the bitter end where the bills are far bigger. At our first meeting we will talk through with you the nature of your problems and see if they can be quickly solved and tell you what the likely future cost is going to be. Wherever possible we will try and agree a system whereby you pay us fixed sums as the case proceeds so you are not left with a big bill at the end.

Sometimes it is best to wait and let things settle before going for a divorce, sometimes you have lived apart for a long time before you have considered instructing us and you want the marriage to end quickly. We can deal with all these issues. The people dealing with your divorce will be Nigel Cook, Solicitor and Partner, Dianne Sumner, Solicitor and Partner or Katie Leake, Paralegal.

You may also be eligible for Legal Aid Funding. However, from 1st April 2013 changes to Legal Aid Funding for people going through divorce or separation has changed. Under the new rules Legal Aid is now limited to low income applicants (on benefits or means tested) but only if their situation falls into one of the following categories:

  • Cases where there has been domestic abuse
  • Local authority child protection matters
  • Child abduction cases
  • Forced marriage cases

If your case falls within one of these categories, go the link below to calculate if you are eligible for Legal Aid.