Industrial Deafness
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Industrial Deafness

Industrial Deafness, sometimes referred to as Noise Induced Hearing Loss, is one the commonest industrial diseases and has produced many thousands of compensation claims since it became recognised in the 1960's. Initial claims were from particular industries eg. shipbuilding, boilermaking but as time progressed it became clear that any industrial activity creating noise above a certain level could caused damage to the hearing of those exposed to it.

The damage to hearing occurs over a period of years during which time the affected person may have worked for many different employers. In this situation claims have to be made against all employers in proportion to the time and degree of exposure suffered by the claimant whilst in their employ.

Since the risk to hearing in industry became known many measures have been taken to minimise the exposure of employees to the extent that nowadays it is possible to avoid the danger if all the proper steps are taken. The Noise At Work Regulations 1989 were introduced to impose formal responsibilities on employers in this respect.

However, although it has been accepted since 1963 that hearing could be damaged by excessive noise in the workplace, there was still exposure after that time, particularly in the early years. Where this has caused hearing damage it may still be the subject of a claim for compensation.

Of course hearing loss can occur for other reasons but it is now possible by medical testing to positively identify the extent of hearing loss and whether it is noise induced.

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