Cycling Injury Claims
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Cycling Injury Claims

Cyclists have always been vulnerable road users, more so now with the ever increasing amount of traffic on our roads. Despite the introduction of a certain number of designated cycle tracks and an increased awareness of safety amongst cyclists, road accidents still cause approximately 15,000 injuries to cyclists each year with over 100 fatalities.

Injuries are sometimes caused by defects in road or cycle track surfaces but most result from accidents with vehicles, common causes being :-

  1. Drivers failing to see cyclist and driving into the cyclist's path
  2. Cyclist "trapped" by vehicle turning across cyclist's path
  3. Cyclists turning right
  4. Vehicles driving too close to cyclist
  5. Cyclists overtaking
  6. Cyclists riding into the path of a vehicle

Obviously, injuries to a cyclist hit by a vehicle can be very serious, particularly where head injuries are concerned. In fact the majority of fatal accidents to cyclists involve serious head injuries. Approximately 40/50% cyclists injured suffer arm or leg injuries of varying degrees of seriousness.

If the accident causing the injury resulted wholly or even partially from the negligence of another party the cyclist may be legally entitled to compensation damages for pain and suffering and other ensuing losses or expense.

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