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Crane Accident Claims

Accidents caused by the collapse of a crane are fortunately rare since they are invariably catastrophic and likely to cause multiple casualties and probably fatalities. Injuries may occur not only to operatives on the site but quite possibly members of the public also.

Injured persons, whether site workers or members of the public, are likely to have a right to compensation for their injuries from the owners/operators of the crane if they have been negligent in carrying out the lifting operation.

There are many safety aspects which crane operators to observe prior to lifting such as ensuring that the maximum load is not exceeded, that the load is secure, that rigging and slinging are adequate and their capacities are not exceeded etc.

In addition to the operator's duty of care at Common Law and general Health and Safety Regulations, there are stautes particularly relevant to crane safety such as The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998, and Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.

There is a requirement to ensure that all operations are properly planned, executed and supervised and any breach of duty either at Common Law or under statute may render the operator liable for compensation and/or prosecution.

Other accidents involving cranes may not be catastrophic in the same way as a collapse but accidents involving falls or articles dropped from cranes can still be serious and possibly fatal.

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