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Demolition Accident Claim

Construction & Building Site Accidents happened due to sharp projectiles, debris or foreign substances may include being buried alive, asphyxiation due to lack of oxygen or drowning. Unchecked under ground utilities can also be reasons for such accidents. If the negligence and ignorance of your owners, project managers, agents and contractors is responsible for your accident, and if they failed in providing the workers with adequate safety and protection during work, then you have the right to claim for compensation on part of the officials.

An accident claim firm will be able to advise you on the matters of your demolition accident claim and give you an idea of the amount that you are likely to receive in your case, depending upon the seriousness of your injury and the evidences that you have against the officials. These firms will make it easier to get your compensation, so why should you suffer from loss of income, hospital expenses and painful joints, and that too when there is none of your fault. Once you submit the demolition accident claim to the firm, the solicitors will first do their investigation before taking on the case. They will at length discuss the case with you in order to get the complete idea, full facts and all the circumstances involved in your accident. If the case is not older than 3 years and has a strong part, then the solicitors will start collecting the evidences on behalf of you. They will contact the physicians who have treated your injuries, obtain the police records about your accident, contact any eye-witnesses at the site and get a written statement signed by them, in order to have enough to make the claim in the court. Any photographs of the site of accident or the injuries will be an added advantage in your case. Also do not forget to keep all the bills that you had paid for your medical treatment.

A claim for Construction & Building Site Accidents may include the following losses that can be compensated:

  • You can get compensation for your pain and sufferings that you had to experience due to the accident. Medical records can be effectively used as your evidence.
  • The mental anguish and emotional stress, that caused delay in your recovery, also need to be compensated.
  • As a result of your accident, you may not have been able to go to work and therefore could not earn any money during this period. You can calculate the amount that you could have earned during this period, and make a claim for it.
Workplace Accident
Mrs P tripped on an extension lead wire which had been left to run across the floor of her workplace. She had previously complained about the lead however it was not rectified until after her accident. Liability was admitted early in the claim and Mrs P was awarded £1600.00 following consultation with a medico-legal expert.
"I was very sceptical to approach a "no win no fee" firm, but I was happy to have them help me. They were professional, concise and were successful with my claim. I would be very happy to use them and to recommend them."
Mrs P, London