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Construction Site Employees Responsibility

There have been a large number of accidents on construction and building sites resulting from carelessness or due to collision with heavy objects. Building and construction sites come in the category of some of the most dangerous places and from where the largest numbers of accidents are reported. This is mainly because of the fact that heavy duty construction equipment is employed everywhere. Access to most of these places is generally restricted and very often makeshift arrangements are made by the way of heavy wood planks, temporary paths and similar other objects.

Apart from this, scaffolding is carried out most of the times being either deconstructed or constructed without any prior notice. The workplace regulations that require visitors and workers to wear shielding clothing including fire proof hats and masks are also ignored more than often. Many a times, the absence of warning signs or inadequate placement of such signs is also responsible for causing accidents. Besides all this, poor training in the use of such equipments is also the cause of many severe accidents at such places.      

If you have been a victim of any type of construction and building site accidents while sustaining severe injuries during the accident then you are entitled to recover the losses suffered by you through a financial compensation. In such cases the company or the company at the site of which a particular accident has occurred has to take the construction site employees responsibility.

Most of these construction and building site accidents result in dire consequences, serious head and brain injuries, serious spinal chord injuries, permanent disabilities, loss of sight or loss of any of the organs. Most of these construction and site building accidents have been resulting in thousands of deaths every year. In such cases you can claim the construction site employees responsibility on the company and seek a substantial amount of compensation from them. While you decide in favour making such a claim, you must keep in mind that all such claims have some strict limits of time and in every possibility have to be made within a fixed period of time. In such case, you must seek legal advice as these maters involve complicated details and a number of things to be followed which would be out of your understanding being a layman.

You must consider consulting a personal injury lawyer or an accident injury attorney, who would discuss your case in detail. Also he would let you know all the details of the procedure involved in the process of seeking compensation.

Public Liability
Pedestrian Fall from Bicycle
Miss H was knocked off her bicycle when her front tyre struck a loose paving stone jutting into the road. She sustained a head injury causing severe short term memory loss and mood swings. After 2 years her original Solicitors withdrew from the case as they believed her claim had less than a 50% chance of succeeding. Miss H contacted Cooks who agreed to represent her on a No win No fee basis.

Within 18 months the matter was resolved and Miss H received a settlement cheque of £300,000.00. She told us
"Thank you Cooks for believing in me and my claim. My Solicitor was always available to me and happy to explain each step of the process. The only surprise was how much you managed to obtain for me without the need to go to trial. I will tell all my friends about your great service."
Miss H from London