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Building Site Injury

Building sites by nature are potentially perilous places wherein employees face safety hazards. This is because of the fact that building sites carry out big risks as work is carried out with collisions with the forklifts, dumpers, cranes and other moving equipment. Many times building site injury occurs at no fault of the workers and is due to negligence on the part of employers as they do not provide necessary safety equipment or proper training for the different mechanical equipments. This leads to severe injuries at the workplace.

According to the UK building law, employees owe a special duty of due care towards their employees. The employees must ensure

  • They provide safe workplace to their employees
  • The equipments being used at the workplace are safe to use.
  • The assessment of the risks involved has been carried out properly.
  • The work system does not expose the employees towards any form of hazard or danger.

As in many of the cases building site injury leads to deaths or permanent disability of the employees, so, care must be taken to ensure complete safety and security of the employees. As per the UK law, it is compulsory on the part of employers to get insurance covered for all the employees so that they get at least financial assistance in case of such strictly unwanted situations.

There are law companies available that have comprehensive knowledge about laws related with building site injury and fight cases in the interests of the injured parties so that they get justice and be allotted full compensation for their severe injuries.

The law companies have lawyers and solicitors that have attained specialisation on the building injury cases and provide full support to the injured party. The law companies undertake extensive research so as to collect evidence that can be used in order to bring complete picture in the courtroom.

The law companies work on the agenda of ‘no win no fees’. According to this agenda, the injured party is not legally bound to pay the fees of the law company in case they fail to provide them with compensation claims. And on the other side, the law companies work hard to provide 100% compensation to the injured party so that they can take treatments in reputed hospitals without thinking about mounting bills. These law companies have also started providing online services, so, you can undertake their services at any point of time as they work 24/7.

Pedestrian run over by car
Mrs K was knocked over by a car that mounted the pavement, fracturing her tibia. Following extensive medical investigations organised by Cooks, it transpired that the accident brought forward the need for a knee replacement operation in the next 5-10 years. Cooks settled Mrs K’s claim for £28,750.00 she said:
"I am very pleased with the service I have received and would recommend Cookss to my friends. My claim was handled in a very professional manner and I was kept informed of it’s progress. Everyone I met or spoke to was helpful and considerate and I felt confident in their abilities. This was important to me at the time of my accident and later."
Mrs K from Streetly