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Safety On Work Sites

Safety on work sites is essential, not only for sound health of employees, but also for smooth working of the company. It is the duty of the employer to take care of the safety and health issues of its employees that may hamper them at their work place. Legally speaking, it is also necessary on the part of the employer to report incidents or accidents at the workplace and also pay the employee a contractual or a legal sick pay in case the employee is entitles for the same or if they need some time off from work because of some accident at the workplace. Working in office is still quite a safer option, but for those who are employed in construction firms, the risk for construction and building site accidents are even more.

Work-related diseases, accidents and incidents should all be reported by the employer to the Incident Contact Centre of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Death, disease, injuries and incidents, moth major and minor, if hampers the normal working of employees is entitled to be reported for sure. A risk assessment program should be conducted by the employer so as to see what precautions and changes are required in order to ensure safety on work sites for both visitors and employees. It is also a good idea for the employers to maintain an accident book that records all accident and injuries suffered by employees at the workplace for providing the claims for the benefit of employees. This also can help the employer track down the main cause of major accidents and reduce their possibility in future by taking various preventive measures for them.

There are personal injury compensation claims that can be asked for construction and building site accidents in case the employee succeeds in providing enough evidences to prove the cause of the accident to be the negligence of the employer. These claims helps an employee get a monetary compensation for the source of income if lost by them in future due to the accident at the workplace, expenses for the treatment of injuries and other such monetary issues that relate to the accident.

Hence, safety on work sites is the right of employees and the employer is entitled to provide it, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents and compensation claims by employees in future. Therefore, it is important for everyone to be aware of all such rights so as to stand for it at the time of need.

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