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Crane Accidents

Behind the construction of buildings, many construction sites have to hire cranes to complete works on tall buildings. But these cranes can be hazardous for those working on and around them. With the rise in construction tall buildings the chances of construction accidents increases with more personal injuries and tragic deaths. Cranes are used to lift heavy objects to high points, the weight of the cranes load results in the need for the equipment to be properly stabilised. If they are not grounded at a proper level there are chances that it may become unstable and the objects which the crane is lifting may also become unstable. In the event that a crane should fall, they are are tall enough if they collapse they can even reach beyond the boundaries of the construction site causing injuries or even death to no construction workers.

Working on a crane in construction sites can always be dangerous. Because of the crane’s height it can crash into any electrical wire and the electricity can pass through it causing serious injury to the person operating it. There are many crane Accidents that have happened in last few years.

  • With the risk of receiving an electric shock the workers working with the crane should be provided with safety measures. Here is an example of such ignorance- the crane was working near the 11000v power lines so when the crane came in contact with the power lines the worker holding the chain received the shock and died.
  • A seven ton crane crashed into a 46 story high building killing two construction workers and sending the other five workers to hospital injured.
  • One crane cannot hit just one but can destroy several of them this incident is one of the examples when a two hundred foot crane crashed into several buildings at once killing two people.

Crane accidents also happen with the failure of the machinery when even the operator cannot control it and it goes smashing different homes at once. The most dangerous thing about crane accidents is that they can happen very quickly and as they pick up very heavy objects anything under it can be crushed. To avoid these kinds of accidents it is necessary to clean the area around the crane as all its operations are to be done in the air. With all the Crane Accidents happening in past few years there are new rules and regulations that have been followed by government to avoid putting the life workers in danger. Cranes are to be inspected properly to check if there is any machinery problem and also electrical grounding of the cranes is to be done before the construction starts.

Mrs A was a cook at a large hospital, she was injured when she tripped on a piece of vinyl flooring which had become raised. She suffered a soft tissue knee injury that brought forward pre-existing arthritis by 3 years and she was awarded £4,300.00 within 9 months of instructing Cooks.
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Mrs A of Coventry

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