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Construction Site Hazards

There can be several reasons for construction site accidents such as defective construction machinery or vehicles. Exposure to dangerous chemicals such as asbestos can also be counted as a potential construction site hazard. Working on structurally fragile scaffolding is also one of the common construction site hazards. Construction site accidents commonly take place by failure of safety equipments such as fire alarms at the construction site. Constructors must not fail in putting up danger signs for passers-by so as to avoid construction site injury.

Constructors must put adequate warnings so as to get safety against construction site hazards. Negligence of other workers can also cause accident at the construction site. Falling from heights at the construction site is one of the most common complaints made by victim or family of the victim. Construction site employers must carry out certain responsibilities to ensure safety of workers and visitors coming to the construction site. Some such responsibilities include-

  • Contractor must carry out frequent risk assessment of the construction site so as to ensure a safer construction terminology.
  • Checking up the construction machineries and tools is also important responsibility of the contractor.
  • Contractor must have a thorough and regular check up of the scaffolding so as to assess if they are in proper working state or not.
  • Contractors must provide efficient working equipments and tools to the workers so as to make them work safely.
  • The construction material and machines must exclude hazardous chemicals such as asbestos and chromium that can bring potential health troubles for the workers.
  • Employers must keep the construction place safe and tidy so as to prevent construction site hazards.
  • Employers should give proper training to workers who are involved in heavy object lifting job at the construction site.
  • It is extremely essential for the employer to give safety wear such as hard hats, goggles, ear guards, dust masks, safety gloves, high visibility jacket and safety boots to all the workers at the construction site.

If the constructor or the sub constructor fails in pursuing all the above precautions, then the worker injured due to contractor’s negligence must sue the contractor for construction site injury compensation claim. One must consult a certified and experienced personal injury attorney so as to get maximum compensation in construction site injury claim. Opting for no win no fee solicitors teamed up with online compensation providers is an affordable option to get construction site injury compensation.

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