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Compensation Claims

Most people are aware that compensation can be payable for injuries sustained in motor accidents, accidents at work etc but many do not claim because they do not appreciate fully what compensation may be available and which types of incident can lead to a successful claim.

Any type of injury or illness whether minor or serious, can result in a legitimate claim for compensation damages if it was caused by the negligence of another party. Even if the injured person is partly responsible, a claim can still be pursued although the damages are likely to be reduced in proportion to the degree of blame - see Contributory Negligence.

Compensation can be payable under various headings such as pain and suffering, long term or permanent disability, medical treatment, travelling expenses, loss of past and future earnings, loss of or damage to personal property.

Claims for personal injury need to be brought within three years of the occurence but despite this it is essential to take action as quickly as possible after the accident so that necessary information can be gathered whilst details are fresh in the mind.

You will need the expert advice and assistance of a solicitor in pursuing a claim. Cooks Legal is a a specialist practice dealing with personal injury compensation claims and if you would like a free legal assessment of your claim please complete the Application Form.

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