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Clinical negligence previously known as medical negligence

Unfortunately doctors and other medical professionals make mistakes. When they make mistakes the consequences can be very severe. Such mistakes are called by the new name of clinical negligence but more commonly known by the old name as medical negligence. Mistakes often occur because the doctor does not read an x-ray properly, tests requested are never carried out, swabs are left in patients, medical staff ignore a request for treatment by patients. Very often the mistake is not one where doctors had to make a difficult decision but the simplest of tasks have not been carried out correctly. There are many thousands of such mistakes made by the health professionals in this country every year.

If you or a member of your family have suffered as a result of such mistakes you should consider making a claim. The mistake must have resulted in unnecessary illness, injury or in the worst circumstances death. We can help you discover whether such a mistake has been made, whether you have a claim and if you have a claim we can help you get compensation.

We have acted for parents of children who have suffered catastrophic injuries, cancer patients whose diagnosis has been delayed with very serious consequences, patients where the doctors or medical staff failed to take seriously the complaints of patients when they should have been taken seriously.

We are not a large organisation and so you will get personal service from us. We meet with you, we go through the records with you, we will discuss with you face to face your claim and its strengths and weaknesses. We can help you come to a decision whether you wish to proceed with a claim or not.

There are time limits for bringing a claim. If a claim is for negligence suffered by a child the time limit expires on the 21st birthday of the child. If the claim is for a mistake made for an adult court proceedings must be brought for the claim or it must be settled within 3 years of the date of the mistake or within 3 years of the victim of the mistake knowing that the injury in question was significant and that the injury was likely to have been caused by the mistake made by the medical professional. The rules regarding limitation are difficult and it is far wiser to consult a legal professional as soon as possible. You should not leave it until the last minute as ascertaining the date of knowledge for the 3 year period is a task which should be left to the professionals.

We are willing to advise you on the telephone, by e-mail or meeting you about your chances of success and ways of funding the claim. We offer a no win no fee service. If you think you may be the victim of clinical or medical negligence please contact us.