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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation means the process of taking matters to court where you wish to sue somebody or you are being sued by someone else.

The first thing you need to decide is the value of your claim. If the claim is worth less than £10,000 (unless it is a personal injury claim or a Landlord and Tenant problem) it comes within the Small Claims Court. The Small Claims Court has been set up by Government to get people to solve their disputes without lawyers. The limit for the Small Claims Court has recently been increased to £10,000. Please see the link below:-

A Guide to Bringing and Defending a Small Claim

This is a guidance from the Government to show how you can sue and defend matters. If the claim is worth under £1,000 regretfully it does not make economic sense to use a lawyer to bring or defend proceedings. The costs of a lawyer are not recoverable from the other side even if you win your case and are likely to be greater than the amount in dispute. As the amount in dispute increases from £1,000 to £10,000 it is likely to become more and more sensible to use a solicitor to help you with your case. We can see you for a first interview to discuss the case so long as you bring all the paperwork with you, we can tell you what options are open to you and what we would charge, we might be willing to deal with the case on a damages based agreement basis (that is a fixed costs basis). There will be no charge for this first interview.

If the amount in dispute is over £10,000 it is no longer a small claim and if you win the case the other side pay your costs. If you lose the case however you will have to pay the other side’s costs. We are willing to consider such cases on a no win no fee basis. In addition you will have to pay court fees which can be expensive.

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