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Criminal Injuries Compensation

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme was set up in 1964 to provide compensation to persons injured as a result of criminal actions in England, Scotland and Wales. Northern Ireland has a separate scheme. The Scheme is state funded and is administered by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

The Scheme provides for financial compensation awards to be granted to victims in respect of physical and mental injuries suffered, bereavement and, in certain cases only, loss of earnings.

There are a number of exceptions and conditions applying to the scheme such as :-

  1. Claims must be made within two years of the injury, unlike the three year limit for civil claims for injury compensation
  2. The injury must be sufficiently serious to qualify for the minimum award under the scheme of £1,000
  3. The incident resulting in the injury must be reported promptly to the police
  4. The assault causing the injury must not have been provoked by the claimant
  5. If the claimant has been responsible for criminal violence the claim may be rejected or compensation reduced
  6. Claims resulting from an accident are excluded unless ther is criminal negligence
  7. Injuries not sustained in England, Scotland or Wales although other coutries may have their own schemes which may apply to visitors
  8. Failure to co-operate with the police or the CICA

Amounts awarded are in accordance with a laid down tariff depending on the nature of the type of injury suffered. There are 25 levels of cover for injury compensation starting at £1000 up to a maximum of £250,000. In cases where compensation for loss of earnings is agreed a further payment may be made subject to a separate maximum of £250,000.

For fatal injuries the amount is fixed depending on the number of claimants. For one claimant only the amount is £11,000. For more than one the amount is £5,500 per claimant.

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