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Steering Wheel Injury Compensation

If you are involved in a car accident as a driver you may find that the steering wheel is the part of the car which causes you the most injury, especially if you’re is not equip with a air bag. The impact from the steering wheel can causes serious thoracic injury in drivers which mainly result to abdominal injury. Also depending on the height of the driver and injuries can be caused to fracture the sternum and ribs, cardiac contusion, tear of the aorta or other great vessels. Sometimes it is also possible that air bag deployment can fail and impact with the steering wheel will cause serious injury.

Manufacturers make different vehicles and these vehicles have different types of steering wheels. Steering wheels are made with different styles and structures because of styling or sometimes simply to distinguish one steering wheel from another. But the most important point that should be taken care of by the manufacturer is the safety of the driver who will drive that car.

When the driver is driving the car the force made by the steering wheel is the factor which comes out as an abdominal injury. There should be the use of softer wheels which will reduce abdominal compression.

Sometimes due to steering wheel malfunctioning hand, figures and ribs get fractured. Due to steering wheels drivers are exposed to such type of accidents.
In an accident if the head of the driver isn’t bleeding this doesn’t mean that he didn’t get hurt sometimes the injury do not show outside but is very serious from inside the skull. This type of injury generally happens when the steering of the car isn’t working properly because of which the car hits an object hard and the drivers head hits the steering wheel. Therefore the driver should go to a doctor immediately after the accident happened. This can ensure the injuries you have suffered in the accident so that you can claim for the steering wheel injury compensation.

You can always contact a solicitor for no win no fee compensation which means that you don’t have to pay for the claim of your compensation. The lawyers can advice you what to do if you have suffered steering wheel injury. They can always be of help when you don’t know how to claim steering wheel injury compensation. These are the reasons why one should take help of a lawyer:

  • The more you will claim the less are the possibilities of getting the full amount so you can take the help of the lawyers.
  • By taking help of a lawyer you can avoid misunderstanding and confusion.
  • Not all the lawyers are experienced in steering wheel compensation claim so, one should take care of the background of the lawyer they are appointing for there claim.

Steering wheel default is the fault of the company due to which a person suffers the accident. So, the person who has faced the accident due to someone else’s fault can claim for compensation. For occupant injury, steering wheel system is the most important cause. These days the use of energy absorbing steering system lessens the chances of steering wheel injury to the front seat passengers.

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Mr W was working as an electrician in a poorly lit cellar when he fell onto breeze blocks left by the contractor. He suffered a knee injury that prevented him from pursuing his dream of setting up a business on his own. Mr W was awarded £57,000.00
"I would give the money back today not to have had this accident, but I felt in safe hands with my Solicitor."
Mrs W of Portsmouth

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