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Driving Conditions

The importance of safe and secured driving conditions: Driving conditions are the various conditions related to the driving of cars and other automobiles. Driving conditions need to be properly manoeuvred so as to facilitate the minimisation of the chances of the occurrence of car accidents. It is generally quite a usual point to be noted that the chances of the occurrence of car accidents are more frequent in times of the rainy season. Hence this calls upon the need for a check on the driving conditions of the car or the automobile especially during this season of the year.

Driving conditions and the prevention of the car accidents: the driving conditions are the different kinds of procedures and techniques that one needs to follow while driving a car so as to facilitate the smooth driving of the car as well as the prevention of the car accidents. These are in fact certain tips that are quite a necessity to be followed so that there is less danger to life and property brought about by these car accidents. some times the car accident scan rather be so fatal that in fact it may cost the life of those associated with the car accident, be it the car driver or the car passengers or in fact those to lay a victim to the accident. The frequency of the occurrence of car accidents is high in the rainy season when the roads are in bad condition and also when the road ahead cannot be clearly seen because of the incessant rains. Hence the driver should follow some requisite steps so as to ensure his proper and safe driving during such an unfavourable driving condition.

There must also be necessary provisions of emergency. The driver should drive slowly and maintain a safe distance fro the other vehicles in as high a gear as possible. The braking needs to be done extremely slowly and extra care should be paid at around the bends. Again there are the foggy weather conditions when there is completely lack of visibility. In such cases the fog lights need to be switched on which are otherwise kept off. If these precautions in the driving conditions are followed, then there would be in fact quite rare or no chances of the car to come up with an accident. Car accidents can hence be best prevented if proper and safe driving conditions are ensured by both the car driver as well as the car passengers.

Accident at work
Mr G is a fitness instructor, using military style training techniques. His employers insisted that he cover 4 lessons per day covering at least 14 miles whilst carrying army packs and wearing marching boots. As a result of his excessive workload he suffered an injury to his hip which required surgery and prevented him from participating in contact sports.Within a year of being instructed Cooks settled his claim for £11,500. Mr G commented:
"an extremely professional service, who utilized every avenue to enhance my claim. Thank you very much"
Mr G from North Yorks

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