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Driving Abroad

Travelling outside the country is fun, but only when you do not get into any sort of trouble due to negligence of traffic rules. Every country has a different set of traffic rules. If you are travelling abroad and taking your own car or even hiring one then you need to be aware of the traffic rules applicable in that country. The rules include speed limits, tolerance for drunken driving and licensing. You also need to know on which side of the road you are supposed to drive when driving abroad.

If you need to go through the rules and regulation of the country where you are travelling, you can find all the information online. There are various travel sites which provide with this information.

While travelling, carrying along insurance papers is as important as carrying the license. Before you start your journey, it is advised to contact your insurer and inquire if the insurance covers the expenses incurred due to an accident occurred abroad. You may need the vehicle registration papers, your green card (if issued) and your passport at any time during you journey, so it is important to keep them handy.

To avoid being troubled by a car breakdown, it is advisable to service your car before you leave the country. There are certain things that you need to carry with you, such as a reflective triangle, first-aid kit, spare set of car keys, car tool kit, GB sticker visible clearly and International driving permit.

It is good to plan your trip in advance and be aware of the routes. This saves time that otherwise gets spent in checking the map for directions. As the driving styles differ with each country, you have to be extra cautious. Also you can check the routes online as a lot of information is available regarding them online.

If driving too much makes you tired, do not over do it and take short breaks while on the way. Always drive with your seat belt on, and make sure the co-travelers are wearing them too. Usage of cell phone is not permitted while driving in most countries. Also, make sure that your vehicle is not over loaded. It may sometime pose difficulty in viewing through the back window.

The most important thing to keep in mind when driving abroad is that you should not drink and drive.  The blood-alcohol limits differ in each country. In some countries there is zero tolerance for drunken driving. To know the rules for any country, the best way is to log on to a website that offers all the information. Drive safe and enjoy your trip abroad!

Workplace Accident
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