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Car Safety

According to recent research, more than 40,000 people die every year due to car accidents and that is why car safety is one of the most major concerns now-a-days. Driving car may be dangerous but with proper safety measures, a large number of accidents can be prevented. Some of the important safety measures that can be installed in a car to increase its safety include:

  • Lights: Head lights, brake lights and turn signals are important safety features that you must install on your car. You should not only install and use them but also make sure that none of them has burnt out.
  • Mirrors: It is important to properly align the rear view mirror and side view mirrors so that any blind spots are eliminated.
  • Seat belts: Many countries have legally made it compulsory to wear seat belts while travelling in a car. This is because this safety feature protects the people from being tossed forward and also being ejected out of the vehicle during a crash.
  • Bumpers: These are meant to withstand small collisions protecting the main body of the vehicle from any damage.
  • Air bags: Not only front air bags, but there are also curtain air bags and side air bags that protect the upper part of the body of the driver and the passengers in a car.
  • Anti-lock brake system: This system prevents the brakes from getting locked and thus shortens the time needed to push the brakes. In this way, you do not lose traction at the time of braking.
  • Four wheel drive: In this system, power gets distributed to all the four wheels of a car, thus preventing wheel spin.
  • Four wheel steering: This safety measure helps the driver to drive faster and more accurately manoeuvring the vehicle at high speed.

Some other car safety features that can be installed on a car include dynamic steering response, directional headlights, lane departure warning system, inboard brakes, electronic stability control and traction control.

While it is important to install these safety measures on your car, you cannot drive safe if you are a careless driver. Some of the points that the driver should keep in mind while driving include:

  • Wearing seat belts
  • Keeping both hands on the steering wheel
  • Driving slow in poor weather
  • Not eating while driving
  • Not driving under influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Not talking on mobile phone while driving
  • Not tailgating
  • Regularly maintaining the condition of the car
Accident at work
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