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Accidents Resulting from Mobile Phone Use

According to reports and statistics, accidents resulting from mobile phone use are one of the main causes of crashes, accidents and collisions on the UK roads. While talking on phone, the driver obviously is not able to fully concentrate on driving and it is matter of just a few seconds when one looses concentration and runs into a serious accident. That is why; almost every part of the world has laws against talking on mobile phones while driving. It has been believed that using a mobile phone while on the steering wheel is risky not only for the person who is driving the vehicle but also for the other people on road and in car.

According to a recent research, 40 drivers were exposed to certain distractions such as driving while above the legal perimeter of alcohol, driving while talking on mobile phone and others. The research showed that the number of accidents resulting from mobile phone use was the highest. A study revealed that 20% of people use their mobile phones while driving and this percentage reaches to 66% if the same study is conducted on people from 18 to 24 years only. A poll conducted in 2007 explained that 90% adults agree to the fact that using mobile phone while driving is risky, dangerous and distracting and should be outlawed. It has been estimated that in around 50% of all the car accidents, one of the drivers involved in the accident was on mobile phone.
All of us will agree that driving really entails full concentration of the driver, otherwise he or she will be endangering the safety not only self but also other passengers, motorists and pedestrians on the road. That is why safety professionals and automobile experts suggest that if the driver cannot avoid receiving or making a call, he or she can at least pull over the car to a side so that other people are not at risk. One of the main reasons why has there been such a large number of accidents resulting from mobile phone use is that almost everybody is able to own a mobile phone now-a-days and they have become a necessity without which a man will never leave his home. Even if a person is driving, he or she normally does not think that by doing so, they are only endangering their own lives as well as those of others.

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