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Car MOTs and Car Safety

MOT stands for the car test held by the ‘ministry of transport’. The importance of MOT can be evaluated from the fact that every car that is three years old and is driven in the United Kingdom ought to have a valid certificate from the MOT department. It is in fact a legal compulsion. The MOT test is held to evaluate the roadworthiness of any vehicle running on the roads of the United Kingdom. Any car complying with the necessary requirement of road safety and ensuring minimum environmental harm is offered the MOT certification. However, an MOT certificate does not guarantee excellent mechanical conditions for the certified cars. In fact, it can only be said that the cars were good enough to pass the nominal examination.

MOT certification is needed for all kinds of vehicles including cars, two wheelers and three wheelers as well. If you own any vehicle and it has been three years since you bought this vehicle then getting an MOT certification done is your responsibility and you must have it. An MOT certification is also considered to be vital tool for ensuring safety.   In fact car MOTs and car safety in UK go hand in hand.

The first MOT test needs to be done when your car gets three years old and after the MOT test must be done every year as an MOT test is valid only for one year. The proceedings of the test various with different vehicles which includes checks for suspension and steering functions, seat belts, widescreens, brakes and other important parts of the vehicle.

If your vehicle needs an MOT certification then get the test done, but for that a pre-booked slot for test must be availed. In case your vehicle fails the MOT test, you need to go and get your vehicle repaired and then again appear for the test but again for that also a pre-booking needs to be done. However, you should see to it that your vehicle qualifies for certain standards mentioned against roadworthiness in the MOT principles. Failure to meet these minimum requirements can result in heavy penalty charges.

There are various companies that conduct MOT tests and therefore the cost of MOT test varies from company to company; however, the costs does not vary much. It is the repair services offered by these companies that makes the difference with regards to the cost of the MOT tests.

MOTs are must not for their legal compulsion, but also because of the safety standards that this test ensures for your vehicle. Most of the MOT centres run the safety tests stringently and ensures whether your vehicle is safe for the roads. Car MOTs and car safety offered by them ensure smooth car driving experience with minimal risk of accidents and collisions.

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