Bus & Coach Accident Claims
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Bus and Coach Accident Claims

Passengers injured in a bus or coach may be entitled to compensation for their injuries in just the same way as any other road user provided that the accident was caused by a negligent party. This could be the bus or coach driver or the driver of another vehicle involved.

Serious bus or coach accidents always hit the headlines since in situations where the vehicle leaves the road and overturns there are almost inevitably serious injuries and some fatalities. Also, coach trips or holidays frequently involve children or elderly people.

These serious incidents tend to be caused by driver negligence (eg. fatigue), mechanical defects in poorly maintained vehicles or of course another vehicle creating a dangerous situation.

Apart from these major incidents there are many less serious bus or coach accidents which can result in injury. For instance if the vehicle has to pull up sharply or swerve, passengers can be thrown about in the bus. This may result in a variety of different injuries eg. bruising, whiplash, soft tissue injuries, fractures or head injuries.

Bus or coach passengers are, generally speaking, unlikely to be responsible for their own injuries so there will usually be a right to claim against whoever caused the accident.

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