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Building and Construction Accidents

Accidents on Construction sites are very common and often serious - in fact more more fatal accidents occur in construction than any other industry. Types of accident are numerous but the more common are :-

  1. Falls from height
  2. Falling objects
  3. Accidents involving fork lift trucks, cranes, dumpers and other mobile plant
  4. Scaffolding accidents
  5. Lifting accidents
  6. Fires and explosions

Employers have an obligation both at Common Law and under various statutes to protect employees from injury by providing, amongst other things, safe plant and equipment, safe systems of work, protective equipment, and competent workers. If a breach of their duty of care or failure to comply with regulations results in an accident causing personal injury to employees or members of the public then the employer/operator of the site may be legally liable to pay compensation.

If you have been injured in a building or construction site accident in the last three years and would like to know whether you may be entitled to compensation, please complete the Application Form and we will provide a Free Legal Assessment of your claim. We will handle your claim on a No Win No Fee basis at no cost to you.

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