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Back Injury

Back pain is a very common condition and frequently the cause is traumatic injury as a result of an accident. Back injury can cause damage to nerves, discs or muscles resulting in varying degrees of discomfort, pain or disability depending on the severity of the damage.

Common types of accident resulting in back injury are :- back injury claim

  1. Road accidents - back injuries are common in road accidents and the neck damage consequent upon Whiplash Injury can include lower back and shoulder pain. If it can be established that the other party in the accident was wholly or partly responsible for the accident, a claim for damages can be pursued.
  2. Slips or falls - In the event of a back injury caused by slipping or falling, the accident may be due to the unsafe condition of premises, footpaths, roads etc. In this situation an action for damages may lie against the owners or persons responsible for maintenance of the premises.(See Slip-Trip-Fall Compensation)
  3. Lifting injuries - Lifting accidents frequently happen in the workplace, and back injury is in fact the single most common type of accident affecting workers in the UK and is responsible for the most absence from work. Employers have a duty to provide safe premises, equipment and working practices for their employees and since lifting injuries commonly result from failure in this duty a right to injury compensation is likely to exist. (See Accidents at Work)
  4. Sporting accidents - whilst some injuries are accepted as inevitable in sport there are situations where a legitimate claims for injury damages would exist eg. reckless or malicious conduct by an opponent, defects in playing surfaces or facilities, negligence of training or coaching staff.

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