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Recovering From an Animal Attack

In the UK, a large number of people get attacked by pets or stray animals every year and the most common animal attack is a dog bite. If you are looking for ways of recovering from an animal attack, then the best thing to do is to seek immediate medical attention after the attack. Animal attacks can lead to serious injuries on the body of the victims and may cause several types of diseases, especially if the skin of the person has been broken. If you allow an injury made by an animal go unattended, then it may lead to severe infection as you never know what disease the animal was suffering from.

The next step would be to file a compensation claim against the pet owner or the government authority and for that, you will need to hire the services of a professional and qualified attorney. There are lawyers who specialise in cases related to animal attacks and they will be able to represent your case in the court in the most convincing way possible.

In order to have an upper hand in the court, you will have to prove that that pet owner or the government authority was negligent towards the control of the animal and this indirectly led to your injury. To prove your point, you will need to take help from any eye witnesses present at the site of the attack and take photographs of the incident if possible. In order to show the extent of your injury caused due to the animal attack and the severity of the attack, it is wise to ask your medical professional to give you a written report about the injuries caused to your body.

All that will be covered in the compensation amount you get include medical bills, lost wages, suffering and pain, emotional stress, disfigurement and even psychological impact. You may also be awarded with punitive damages so that you can punish the animal owners for their intentional or reckless behaviour. The amount of compensation you get will largely depend upon the extent of your injury and your ability to prove the owner’s negligence in the court. If you can prove that the owner was aware of the aggressive behaviour of his or her pet and still allowed it to run loose, then it will demonstrate total disregard on part of the owner and he or she will be more seriously punished. Although your physical and mental injuries cannot be compensated by getting money, some financial help will prove to be extremely helpful in recovering from an animal attack.

Workplace Accident
Mrs P tripped on an extension lead wire which had been left to run across the floor of her workplace. She had previously complained about the lead however it was not rectified until after her accident. Liability was admitted early in the claim and Mrs P was awarded £1600.00 following consultation with a medico-legal expert.
"I was very sceptical to approach a "no win no fee" firm, but I was happy to have them help me. They were professional, concise and were successful with my claim. I would be very happy to use them and to recommend them."
Mrs P, London