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Rabies is actually a very acute infection that is caused by a virus. When an animal is infected by rabies, it stops drinking or eating and seeks isolation. As rabies may prove to be fatal, it is considered as a very dangerous disease. As it is not only animals for whom this disease is dangerous but for humans as well, it is very crucial that you keep away from the rabid animals. The rabies usually attack the very nervous system if the animal or the person who gets bitten by the rabid animal and causes encephalitis. Initially, there may not be large showing of symptoms of the diseases which may be limited but in acute stages; paralysis or hyperactivity may be seen in rabid animals.

The virus that causes the disease in the animals is basically present in the infected animal’s saliva. It can spread by the scratch or the bite that the infected animal makes on the victim. Through the puncture of this scratch or bite, the victim may experience the transfer of the virus in his/body. If the victim seeks medical help immediately the virus may be prevented successfully from hindering the nervous system of the victim.

Various causal risk factors of rabies

  • The virus that causes the disease
  • Bites of the rabid animals
  • veterinarians
  • contact with brain tissue or saliva of the infected animals
  • laboratory workers
  • bats, skunks, dogs, foxes, raccoons and some other wild animals
  • animal handlers or caretakers

when a person is affected by the virus that causes the deadly disease, the usual symptom include fever, that may range from mild to severe, headache, irritability, agitation, excessive movement, cardiac arrest, paralysis, weakness, trouble in speaking, developing great sensitivity towards bright lights, touch or sounds, increased lacrimation, difficulty in swallowing, pain or itching at the very point of bite and hyper salivation.

Many times the diseases may be acquired from rabid animals of pet owners who do not keep them safe at homes and let them lose. In such a situation, the victim can make a compensation claim against the pet owner of the rabid animal and can get recompensed for the losses he/ she suffer. The advice and guidance of a compensation lawyer can be well availed by the victim so that the procedure of claim runs smoothly and maximum amount of compensation amount can be extracted from the pet owner of the rabid animal.

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