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Pet Safety

Many people are attacked by pet animals owned by their neighbours or other individuals every year. It is the responsibility of owner to consider each and every measure to keep a control over their pets. They are also responsible for having a pet which may behave abnormally or in a frightening manner to people around it.  Usually, pets attack because they are territorial creatures and driven by fear of protecting their space they attempt to dominate over other people and animals. The owner of the pet holds the whole responsibly to provide their pets appropriate humane training, sterilisation, socialisation, supervision along with safe confinement so they do not attack people or also keep away from getting in their house or gardens. Other various steps involve adequate neutering and safety of the animals so that by no means it becomes the reason for any form of illness or disease for any individual.

It is a truth that although the animal makes the injury, but also it is the responsibility of the possessor for harmful animal’s actions rather than the pet. As mentioned in the law, the pet owners are accountable for all sorts of sufferings and pain caused to the victim because of the attack made by their animal, and therefore, they are legally responsible to pay for all sorts of losses suffered by the victim.

If you possess a pet and wish your pet to not act like a harmful animal, you must follow some necessary steps to control your pet. Neutering and spraying are considered as important step included owning an animal. It is noticed that neutered or sprayed pets are absolutely harmless and also does not bite or attack other animals or people.

Make sure that your animal socialise enough, additionally, it is crucial to introduce the animal with different kinds of individuals, environments and situations with the main aim that your animal do not feel nervous, alien and get frightened in unusual situations, as the probabilities of animal attack increases then.

Be responsible for the pet you own and license it as per the law. Provide frequent vaccinations and veterinary care plus never permit the pet to wander freely anywhere.

Pet safety is the sole responsibility of the pet owner, in case if your pet attacks or bite any individual and as a result faces injuries, the owner will be held liable to cover all the losses happened.

Food Poisoning
Mr W was involved in a food poisoning incident at a Dinner Dance. Cooks obtained an admission of liability swiftly from the hosts. Mr W’s symptoms did not settle, he required surgery and Cooks referred him to a Gastrointestinal Consultant to provide a final diagnosis. On receipt of this Mr W agreed an out of Court settlement of £20,000.00
"At first the Doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me, but Cooks never gave up and in the end I received a correct diagnosis, the appropriate treatment and a cheque for far more than I had expected."
Mr W of Kent