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Owning A Dangerous Animal

Owning a dangerous animal can be dangerous for yourself and others.  It is therefore very important that you have proper control over the animal in all situations.

Dogs are usually friendly and do not harm people unnecessarily. However, if you have a ferocious dog and if that pet attacks someone then you will be liable to pay compensation and treatment costs for the injured. In some cases dog bites can also lead to long-term ailments and psychological issues. The complete after effect of the traumatic incident will be included in the compensation claim and you are liable to pay for the loss of the injured. This can be one of the greatest shortcomings of owning a dangerous animal.

Some people have a great desire to own other kinds of animals as pet in their homes, which include reptiles, snakes, spiders and birds of prey.  These animals can be great pets but they can also injure other people, thereby making you responsible.

Though owning an animal can be a great idea, you need to take on the responsibilities that come along with it. You have to become a responsible owner and take accountability for the conduct of your pets. It is your responsibility to take proper care of your pets by providing appropriate food and facilities and having the proper license for owning the pet. If your pet injures any outsider, the first thing that you would be asked is to produce the license in the court of law. If you are unable to do so you might find yourself behind bars. Animals that have been declared illegal and prohibited by the government shouldn’t be purchased as they can lead to severe legal consequences.

If you are owning a dangerous animal and your pet injures an outsider, you are responsible for your pet’s conduct and you might have to pay compensation. In such circumstances following the advice of a legal practitioner can help both in the reduction of compensation clams or even for the ‘out of court’ settlement.

Food Poisoning
Mr W was involved in a food poisoning incident at a Dinner Dance. Cooks obtained an admission of liability swiftly from the hosts. Mr W’s symptoms did not settle, he required surgery and Cooks referred him to a Gastrointestinal Consultant to provide a final diagnosis. On receipt of this Mr W agreed an out of Court settlement of £20,000.00
"At first the Doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me, but Cooks never gave up and in the end I received a correct diagnosis, the appropriate treatment and a cheque for far more than I had expected."
Mr W of Kent