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Keeping a Dangerous Dog

There have been increasing cases related to serious attacks by aggressive and uncontrolled dangerous dogs which lead to major injuries or sometimes even death. This brought the attention to many people about some of the breed’s of dangerous dogs which were a threat to public. The widespread concern over keeping a dangerous dog even brought about legislative changes banning people to own certain types of dogs. There are mainly four types of dogs that were identified to be dangerous:

Dogo Argentino

Japanese Tosa

Fila brasileiro

Pit bull terrier

Any of the people who own or keep a dangerous dog violates a law and is considered for punishment. Any person who got injured or threatened by dog or even any person who witnesses the assault or attack by a dog on another person can make a complaint to the local sheriff, local law enforcement officer or animal control officer within 30 days of the accident. The dog will be declared as dangerous. Upon investigation by the sheriff or the concerned officer if the complaint came to be true then the sheriff can issue civil violation summons against the owner for keeping a dangerous dog.

After the issue of the summon to the owner if the dog continues to be a threat to the public then the sheriff or the local law enforcement can order the owner or the keeper of the dog to stifle, control or impound the dog in owner’s premises or to confine the dog at a place decided by the sheriff or the law officer at the expenses of the owner. If the owner in any case does not go by the rules or orders of the law officer then the sheriff can send the application to the district court or the superior court demanding for the order of authorisation to take over the possession of the dog that remains to be the threat to the public. They can even transfer the authority of the dog to another applicant or another suitable person.

If in the mean time the dog kills or causes any serious injury to a person or any other domestic animal then the owner or the keeper is liable to pay the damages as compensation for the costs to be recovered under the civil action. If the owner does not follow the orders of the court against keeping a dangerous dog then the court can issue a warrant against the owner to the country sheriff commanding the officer to kill the dog immediately and bring the owner of the dangerous dog in front of the court within 14 days of the order.

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