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Horse Riding Accidents

Horse riding is taken to be a great relaxing sport with a large number of kids starting this highly interesting sport at an age of 4 or 5 years. There are a huge array of times when the horse riding lovers do not actually realise the power and great weight of even a small young horse. In a large number of countries, about millions of people prefer doing the exciting sport of horse riding each day including several thousands of those who ultimately get injured due to these animal related accidents and need the medical treatments.

One of the most common horse hiring accidents is of the horse throwing you from its back, which can prove to be a highly serious condition. Various other ways through which the horse riders can suffer from severe injuries include the animal bucking its rider in some thorny bushes or rough surface or being simply thrown off on the ground and being dragged along with it for quite a long distance. These common horse riding accidents can not only be faced while you are riding or enjoying a relaxed experience on a horse, they can be suffered while someone else is grooming, feeding or handling the animal. As some of the horses can be domesticated with the passing of time, no horse is completely safe to ride on.

Some other animal related accidents that can even prove to be fatal include:

  • Ankle, foot and knee injuries
  • Dislocations and broken bones
  • Concussion and head injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Elbow, shoulder and wrist injuries
  • Strains, sprains and bruises

In case you have been thrown off by a horse, kicked by it or even trodden by the animal, in which the fault was not yours, you can conveniently avail the services of a horse riding accidents compensation solicitor and get the civil and legal right to get the full amount of loss incurred due to the accident.

The compensation paid to the sufferer will fall under different categories of suffering, disability, pain, traveling expenses, medical treatment, past and future earning and damage to any personal property.

Also, there are “No Win No Fee” service providers that provide the facility of letting the injured people get accurate remuneration as far as their medical expenses and other losses are concerned. This No Win No Fee opportunity has been specially given in order to let the sufferers get complete compensation without even paying a single penny to the service providers. The solicitor’s fee is automatically taken from the culprit or negligent party.

Miss G was a passenger in her partner’s car when he lost control on an icy road. She suffered a back and shoulder injury that healed within 1 year. Cooks Legal resolved the matter within 5 months of obtaining her instructions presenting her with a cheque for £2,350.00
"I was very nervous about claiming but Cooks made it so easy. I filled in a form, went to a Dr’s appointment arranged by them, and they did the rest."
Miss G from Peterborough