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Dog Owners Responsibility

It is every dog owners responsibility to make sure that his or her dog does not create a nuisance for others. This implies that as a dog owner, you should comply with specific rules of conduct most of which are matter of common sense and civic sense and which ensure that dogs as well as people live safely and happily in a single community. Generally, dogs tend to instinctively jump over the new-comers, pee on the rugs, bark at various things and chew up whatever they feel comfortable. These things may seem to be cute with some of the dog owners but other people may find them really annoying and irritating. In order to avoid chances of some serious animal related accidents caused due to your beloved pet, here are some things that you must train your dog with:

Train your pet with necessary obedience so that it remains under control every time.

Make sure to keep your dog on lead while in public. Letting your dog roam on the street is an offence and you will be required to pay financial penalty if the dog warden picks it up. At the same time, it will be a nuisance to other people on the street also.

It is a dog owners responsibility to take the dog to a vet at frequent intervals for required vaccinations so that the impact of animal related accidents gets lowered down.

Make sure to give your dog a tag and a collar so that it does not annoy your neighbours.

It is your responsibility to mould your dog’s behaviour and determine how it interacts with your guests, children and new comers and even passers by. You cannot allow your pet to go loose over the street unless it learns not to do a wreck of things. In order to watch the behaviour of your dog, make sure to keep it you all the time for some days and mould the aspects that need to be adjusted. Never let it go out of your eyes unless you trust it fully. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to provide safety and protection to your pet as well as other people around it. People, especially neighbours, never like noisy animals. While walking in a park, the bad and unruly behaviour of your dog can turn the whole evening into a nightmare. Over-friendly or aggressive behaviour of your dog can be frightening especially for children around your house or in the park. There are even instances that dogs maim or even kill children or other animals around them. So, you need to have total power over them for which you can seek advice from a professional dog trainer also.

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