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Dangerous Animals

Dangerous animal related accidents

In most of the animal related accidents, the circumstances may be established with the help of photographs, witness statements, medical records or any other evidence that the animal has caused a substantial physical injury to the victim. It is wise to take your case to a competent accident claim solicitor or lawyer as soon as the victim has been attacked by the animal. In this way, the lawyer will be able to collect the necessary records and evidence and thus successfully represent the case in the court on behalf of his or her client.

If you contact a professional, qualified, experienced and reputed lawyer immediately after the incident, a professional lawyer will provide a proper claim presentation for settlement from the insurance company or place the case in the court, if necessary.

Dangerous Animal Laws

Dangerous animal laws can be of great help in pursuing claims for compensation for animal injuries. This law also deals with the cases of bites by dangerous dogs. This is because these breeds of animals are generally bred with the intentions of killing animals.

The risks covered under the dangerous animal laws include different action of animal such as jumping, biting, swiping with the paws, grabbing, and slamming against any object.

Owning A Dangerous Animal

Some people have a great desire to own other kinds of animals as pet in their homes, which include reptiles, snakes, spiders and birds of prey. These animals can be great pets but they can also injure other people, thereby making you responsible.
If you are currently owning a dangerous animal and your pet injures an outsider, you are responsible for your pet’s conduct and you might have to pay compensation on these animal related accidents.

Food Poisoning
Mr W was involved in a food poisoning incident at a Dinner Dance. Cooks obtained an admission of liability swiftly from the hosts. Mr W’s symptoms did not settle, he required surgery and Cooks referred him to a Gastrointestinal Consultant to provide a final diagnosis. On receipt of this Mr W agreed an out of Court settlement of £20,000.00
"At first the Doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me, but Cooks never gave up and in the end I received a correct diagnosis, the appropriate treatment and a cheque for far more than I had expected."
Mr W of Kent