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Animal Attack Compensation

Ever been attacked by an animal? Well, an animal attack is painfully traumatic and frightening to say the least. In certain cases, animal attacks may even lead to serious physical injuries or worse still, prove fatal for the individual. Apart from physical scars, some people may also fear emotional scaring which they may receive after being injured in an animal attack. It is common to note individuals who have been victims of animal attacks to develop fear of animals or venturing outside all alone.

This is the reason why a large number of people prefer to go ahead with the animal attack claims where they can at least successfully recover the costs for the medical expenses which they would have to incur in order to get pay for their treatment after suffering the animal attack. Most of the animal attack claims are based on a “no win no fee” basis where the applicant is excused of the legal costs and can still seek to gain compensation for their injuries.
Most of the times in animal attack claims, the real culprit i.e. the animal concerned are the dogs. A large number of people get bitten by ferocious dogs every year or suffer immensely if they unfortunately happen to intervene in a dog fight. It is better to make important claims regarding the animal attack compensation rather than sit back and suffer in silence. It makes perfect sense to ask for animal attack compensation if an individual has suffered from serious injuries, when he was not at fault. Animal attacks can occur at any place, be it one’s home, office or even on the street.

Animal attack compensation can be demanded for on various grounds, such as extreme pain and suffering, financial losses incurred by the victim, loss of future earnings or even loss of enjoyment of life. In a large number of cases of animal attacks, people prefer not to make claims for compensation considering the huge legal expenses which they would have to incur. Moreover, they are not also sure whether they will be able to win the claim or not. However with the no win no fee compensation program, any individual can easily file for their claim without having to worry about the legal costs. They are only required to pay the legal expenses if they are successfully able to win the compensation amount.

Public Liability
Accident in Supermarket
Mrs H was shopping for a small fold out table in a Supermarket. She reached to take one when the stack collapsed falling onto her right foot. X-rays to her foot showed no fracture but she was still forced to use crutches for a few weeks afterwards.

Within 6 months of being instructed Cooks had obtained a settlement offer of £2,000.00 which Mrs H was delighted to accept. She said
"My Granddaughter found your website and recommended you to me. Thank you for all your efforts for my accident claim, I appreciate your kindness. I received my cheque today and will be taking my grandchildren away on holiday with the money you recovered for me"
Mrs H from Devon

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