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Agricultural Illnesses

Even with so much of development in the technology agriculture remains one of the most hazardous occupations. Agriculture illness can also include respiratory diseases. As shown by a collected statistics many of the farmers have suffered high morbidity and mortality from respiratory diseases. Most of the common symptoms that have been noticed among the farmers are wheezing, dyspnoea and cough. Some of the diseases that are found in farmers are rhinitis and asthma which are common but usually not fatal, but with increased exposure to dust it can cause serious problems. The serious agricultural diseases include hypersensitivity pneumonitis and respiratory infections that makes it difficult for the farmers to breath in the agricultural environment. Many of the harmful respiratory diseases are controllable if the workers prevent exposures to organic dusts, toxic gases and harmful, chemicals.

Agricultural illness is one of the most common working problems these days due to the increased use of harmful chemicals in the farm, these farmers suffer from different harmful diseases. These diseases can be prevented if employers take care of the improvements that are to be done in animal rearing techniques, ventilation of the animal accommodation, use of personal protective equipments, careful drying and storage of animal feed-stuffs, crops and other products.

More than a million people die every year around the globe due to the diffusion of harmful viruses and vermin. When a female mosquito sucks up the diseased blood of a person, it is passed on the next prey she bites. Some of the most common mosquito borne diseases is eastern equine encephalitis; west Nile virus, malaria and even the canine heartworms can widen through a mosquito. As agriculture is the profession which is most common to be exposed to the mosquitoes these diseases are the most common found ion the farmers. These types of agricultural illness are more harmful as the victim does not know that he is infected until his body starts coming out with the symptoms of the disease.

There is an increase in the amount of people who get affected by the agricultural diseases every year. That is the reason mosquito experts always encourage all the people to check their yards for cleaning of the standing water where the insects most commonly breed, most of the farmers should avoid being outside at night and avoid to use the harmful chemicals that can be dangerous for you. Whether you are a farmer or an employer you have to take care of the safety measures that should be taken in your farm in order to avoid any kind of the agricultural illness.

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