Accident Injury Damages
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Accident Injury Damages

Anyone suffering personal injury in an accident is likely to have a legal entitlement to financial compensation if it can be proved that the accident was caused wholly or partly by the negligence of another person or party. The accident may occur on the road, in the workplace or elsewhere but if negligence can be established there is likely to be a right to claim damages.

Damages may be payable for various items but come under two main headings - Special Damages and General Damages.

Under the heading of Special Damages come items which can be accurately be assessed such as medical, travelling and other expenses incurred, loss of earnings, loss of or damage to property etc.

General Damages are awarded to compensate the victim for such items as pain and suffering, loss of amenity and loss of enjoyment of life. A number of factors need to be taken into account here and these damages are assessed by the court.

Injury claims vary in complexity but it is always advisable to use a solicitor to ensure that the claim is properly presented and all areas of possible compensation are included.

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