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Claiming For Bus Injury

Accidents can happen anywhere but they are most common during mass travelling. As a multitude of people make use of the local buses in order to commute from their homes to their places of work and vice versa, many accidents occur on buses. These bus accidents can occur due to the carelessness of the bus driver, or due to broken seats, railings etc. When such accidents occur, the passengers may become harmed or injured. These injuries may render them out of job on a temporary or permanent basis. So, claiming for bus injury becomes important here.

Every victim of an accident on public transport is entitled to suit the accused for a compensation claim. This claim is to recuperate the losses that the victim suffers because of the accident. When you are claiming for bus injury, you must ensure  that you make the claim within three years of the injury. In many cases, personal injury claims are considered invalid after a certain time span. In addition, making a timely claim will increase the chances of winning compensation due to the fact that evidence and witnesses can be more easily found.

When you decide to make a claim, it is advisable that you avail the services of a good and reputed personal injury lawyer. These lawyers have ample knowledge regarding how to win these cases and how to get you the maximum amount of compensation possible. These days many do not ask for a single penny unless you have won the case successfully. With “no win no fee” cases, there is nothing to lose.

Mrs A was a cook at a large hospital, she was injured when she tripped on a piece of vinyl flooring which had become raised. She suffered a soft tissue knee injury that brought forward pre-existing arthritis by 3 years and she was awarded £4,300.00 within 9 months of instructing Cooks.
"I was kept informed at every step by my Solicitor. A First Class service."
Mrs A of Coventry

See how much your claim could be worth.

Examples of Compensation Awards for Injury Claims*
Serious Back Injury
Wrist Injury
Serious Neck Injury
Serious Hand Injury
Ankle Injury
Serious Knee Injury
Serious Head Injury

*damages for loss of earnings and other losses and expenses are commonly paid in addition to the injury award and will vary in each case